Dinosaur Pillow Pets Combo Pack - Blue, Green and Brown Dinosaurs

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The Pillow Pets® Dinosaur Pillow Pets are the plushiest and friendliest stuffed dinosaurs you can find and now you can buy all 3 for a discounted price. Buy all three for your kiddos to play with - blue dinosaur, green dinosaur and brown dinosaur. Blue Dinosaur features bright and vibrant blue chenille with brown and orange accents. Green Dinosaur features bright and vibrant green chenille with blue and brown accents while the Brown Dinosaur offers bright vibrant brown chenille with green and orange accents. Dino fans of all ages will enjoy a touch of room decor along with the practicality of everyday use as both, a toy for imaginative play and a pillow for television, bed or travel time. These super-soft chenille plush folding stuffed animals are so cuddly they’ll never want to put them down! Starts out as your pal, then unfasten its belly and quickly becomes a comfortable pillow! Enjoy a great and fun bedtime solution that will have your kids running to their room with their new pet for a good night’s rest on their new favorite pillow. Each open to an 18-inch pillow. Made of high-quality washable chenille. BPA-free and Phthalates-free materials.