We are having a Spring Cleaning Sale! It’s such a great way to save on your favorite movie, film, television and original Pillow Pets characters.  You’ll save on Trolls Pillow Pets and Dream Lites, Dory and Nemo Dream Lites, Backpacks, Purses and Helmets.

The Trolls Pillow Pets and Dream Lites follow DreamWorks hit move Trolls. Trolls 2 takes place in April 2020 but that is a long time to wait and see Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake reprise their roles as Poppy and Branch.  Take advantage of this great sale and purchase a Poppy Pillow Pet and Dream Lite. At this price you can bundle them and make a great gift package. Or, give one now and save one for a later time.  These are also available in a Guy Diamond Pillow Pet and Dream Lite as well as a Branch Pillow Pet and Dream Lite.

Dory and Nemo, the break out stars of Disney’s Finding Nemo and the sequel Finding Dory are the cutest Dream Lites. They make great décor in any sea, beach or island themed room.   Dream Lites have a timer you can set for 20-minutes which allows little ones to drift off to a peaceful night’s sleep.  Hues of various colors transition while shining stars and the matching icon on the ceiling. These make a great gift for a toddler just learning to sleep in a darkened room.  At this price, buy two and give one to the grandparents to keep at their house for overnights.

Pillow Pets Backpacks are being retired and this is a great opportunity to get one to collect or use for overnights, slumber parties, gifts or a back-to-school present.   Some of our favorite Disney characters are available as backpacks including Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse.  Also, Pillow Pets favorite characters like the Zebra, Dog, Panda and Flower Power Cat are also available at a discounted price. A great gift idea: zip a pair of Pillow Pet PJs and Slippers into the Backpack for an extra fun gift pack.

The Pillow Pets purses are a great way to have stylish fun and tote your stuff around.  Pick from the Dog, Rainbow Bear, Flower Power Cat, Panda or Leopard.  The purse is roomy enough to hold a cell phone, tablet, book and more goodies.  This is definitely the plushest purse around.  Soft and with fun characters that will put a smile on anyone’s face.  For a super fun and special gift add a matching Poucheez clip.

The weather warms up and the kids are extremely excited to get outside for some exercise and play time.  Pillow Pets character-inspired plush helmets that encourage kids to exercise safety on their bicycles, scooters, rollerblades and skateboards in a fun way. The Tricksters Helmets launch includes five different styles: Rainbow Bear, Flower Power Cat, Lulu Leopard, Comfy Panda and Snuggly Puppy.

Tricksters Helmets are:

-CPSC certified: complies with CPSC and ASTMf1492 safety standards – Molded 3D helmet design with 100% plush Chenille outer lining -Shock-absorbing EPS inner shell protects the head. -Aerodynamic cooling vents keep your head nice and cool. -Nylon straps adjust for a great fit around your chin.

An adjustable fitting dial makes Trickster helmets fit every head perfectly. Available in two sizes, small and medium.  In addition to promoting bike safety, these playful kids’ helmets make it easy for parents to overcome the potentially challenging process of convincing their child to wear a helmet during outdoor activities.

Tricksters can be paired with the gift of a bicycle, roller blades or skateboard. Or, you can make a theme gift and put a Dog Trickster, Dog Pillow Pet, Dog Slippers and Dog Backpack together for a fun surprise. We also have multiple Pillow Pets products available in Panda, Flower Power Cat, Leopard and more.

Make sure and check out the the Spring Cleaning Sale before its gone!

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