Roses are Red, violets are blue, Sweet Scented Pets say I love you!

Sure you can give someone a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day but a Sweet Scented Pillow Pet will last longer. But, since flowers are traditional, we decided to take a look at the rose color spectrum to see what each one signifies.

A colorful significance:

  • The Red Rose represents true love.
  • Yellow Roses are a symbol of friendship, joy, or send a get well message. The vibrant yellow color and its association with the sun make this a way to brighten anyone’s day.
  • Purple is traditionally the color of royalty so a purple rose is one way to let the woman in your life know she is queen.
  • A pink rose is elegant signifying a graciousness and respect.  The darker pink shade is a perfect way to send with a note of appreciation. A lighter shade can show admiration or sympathy.
  • The white rose is a traditional wedding flower symbolizing unity and pureness. They also bestow honor and reverence which makes them a perfect way to memorialize someone.
  • An orange rose is somewhere between friendship and love.  A great way to tell someone you are interested without over committing.

Why a dozen roses?

When we think of roses, we think of either one single rose or a dozen.  The number 12 is a significant number in many aspects of life, the zodiac with 12-months, or the 12-hours of a clock.  One way or another it may be time to give the one you love a dozen roses (and be sure to add a Sweet Scented Pet to go with them).

A few additional fun facts:

  • Roses are only native to the United States.
  • Roses are the national floral emblem.
  • June is National Rose Month
  • Rose is the state flower for Georgia, Iowa, New York, North Dakota and the District of Columbia

The scent of a rose:

The scent patches on Sweet Scented Pets are made from natural pulp fibers. The scent on a roses comes from glands on the lower petal surfaces, and its amount is limited by both the variety of the rose and by climatic conditions. Sun and warmth are needed for maximum production. Roses are never as fragrant on a cloudy day as on a sunny one.

The blooming cost of love:

A dozen roses cost around $73.00 which is a lot of money for something that lasts less than a week.  You can get the delicious smell of Cotton Candy, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Vanilla Cupcakes, Gummy Bears, Popcorn, Orange Ice Pops, Blueberry Muffins, Strawberry Milkshakes and Watermelon all in a $19.99 Sweet Scented Pillow Pet. Now that’s an inexpensive, long-lasting way to tell someone you love them! Get your Sweet Scented Pets Here: Sweet Scented Pillow Pets

Showing your Love:

Show your love to a family fighting cancer this year.  Purchase any Pillow Pet product and add a donation or round-up at checkout.  Pillow Pets will match your donation.  Family Reach is our long-term charity partner and provides a financial lifeline to families facing a cancer diagnosis.  See what they do:

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