We are so excited to introduce Shimmer and Shine from Nickelodeon’s hit series, Shimmer and Shine.  Twins Shimmer and Shine are genies-in-training who grant wishes for their best friend, Leah. The wishes don’t always go as smoothly as they plan, though — after all, they’re still in training — and the girls must clean up the magical mess that results from the issues. When Shimmer, Shine and Leah work together they are able to solve the problems that arise and make things right. Trying to correct their mistakes helps to teach young viewers about learning from mistakes and doing better next time.

Let’s meet these adorable genies to find out more about their unique characteristics:

Shimmer (voiced by Eva Bella) is an optimistic genie with blue eyes and pink hair. She is enthusiastic and encouraging. She loves cleaning, glitter, and collecting genie bottles.

Shine (voiced by Isabella Cramp) is a courageous genie with purple eyes and blue hair. She is an animal lover and is often hungry. Due to her love of animals she is very knowledgeable about various animals and magical creatures native to Zahramay Falls such as Zoomicorns and dragons. Unlike her sister, she dislikes cleaning. She has a habit saying “It’s like I always say…” only to humorously reveal she have just made up the saying when Shimmer points out she had never heard it before. In Season 2, she is shown to be a skilled Zoomicorn Toss player.

Tala (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is Shimmer’s pet gibbon monkey. She has green eyes and wears white pearls, like Shimmer does. Tala is shown to be a talented dancer in both “Happy Wishaversary” (when she plays a dancing video game with Zac) and in “Untamed Talent” (where she dances at the Zahramay Falls Pet Talent Show).

Nahal (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is Shine’s white Bengal tiger cub. She wears pink jewels and a gold circlet, like Shine does. In “Untamed Talent” it is revealed that Nahal has a talent for playing the keyboard. Humorously she is shown to be better at playing the keyboard when she was distracted by a magical feather that Zeta tried to use in an attempt to distract her and ruin her performance.

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