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Lavender Unicorn Pillow Pet and Pink Unicorn Sleeptime Lite Slumber Pack

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Pillow Pets is now offering a Pillow Pet and Sleeptime Lite Slumber Pack! The Slumber Pack features a Lavender Unicorn Pillow Pet and a Pink Unicorn Sleeptime Lite together! The Pillow Pets® Lavender Unicorn features lavender-colored plush, hair, and lovely flower-patterned fabric on the bottom and is the most enchanting stuffed animal/pillow you can find! Kids of all ages will enjoy a touch of room decor along with the practicality of everyday use as both, a toy for imaginative play and a pillow for television, bed or travel time. This super-soft chenille plush folding stuffed animal is so cuddly they’ll never want to put it down! The Lavender Unicorn Pillow Pet is an ideal naptime companion – not to mention a comforting partner on road trips or airplane rides. The Pillow Pets Sleep time Lites will illuminate your child’s room and turn their ceiling into a starry night sky with the touch of a button. Bedtime has never been more fun! The Sleep time Lites project rainbow-colors soothing lights creating a magical and tranquil environment that helps children ease into a restful sleep. The light show options can be set to change slowly or quickly. Kids will enjoy the soft glow coming from the colorful shell of their pillow pet. Parents will enjoy the built-in timer that automatically shuts the Sleep time Lite off after 20 minutes, giving little ones enough time to drift off to sleep. The adorable Pink Unicorn features bright pink-colored plush and lovely flower-patterned fabric on the bottom. Watch your kids enjoy hours of imaginative play with their favorite pillow pet during the day and love the company of a comforting partner at night when turned on as a nightlight. The Pillow Pets Sleep time Lites – Pink Unicorn is made of high-quality chenille, and BPA-free and Phthalates-free materials.