Magical Unicorn Pillow Pet

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Get tons of warm snuggly happiness and cuddle up every day and night with the Pillow Pets Magical Unicorn! The plushest, friendliest, and softest stuffed animal you will find. Kids of all ages will enjoy the fun of everyday use as a toy for imaginative play and a large stuffed toy for reading, watching television, or studying with friends.Ideal rest time and fun time -not to mention a comforting partner on road trips or airplane rides. Starts out as a friend, then un-fasten its belly and quickly lays flat!

  • CARE AND MAINTENANCE: Wash on gentle cycle and cold water placing your Pillow Pet inside a white pillow case and tying off the open ends to prevent damage during washing and maintain plush. Do not put in the dryer.
  • SPECIFICS: Official Pillow Pets product. Made of high-quality chenille. Opens to an 18-inch flat stuffed toy. All sizes are approximate.

All Pillow Pet® products are recommended for all ages.

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i have one and it is the best ever!!!!! i love it i would not hope to be with out it ever in my life!!!!!!!
I have this pillow pet for over 5 years and it's still loveable, soft and suggley!! Order one right now!
I got this when I was around 2yrs old. I still have it now 10 years later. The fur is all matted down and I re-stuffed her so many times and had to sew her a lot because it's so old lol. Whenever i'm sad i just hug her. I love her a lot and i know it might seem silly but she's just been my baby for so long. Best pillow pet ever. Buy this for your kid they will love it for the longest time❣️
I've had this pillow pet ever since I was three and ten years later, I'm still using it! It is literally my baby and I got the magical unicorn one. It's a bit dirty but I still use it and continue to! I remember when I first got it for my third birthday from one of my besties! I read through the other reviews and there are a lot of similar people like me who are so satisfied with their pillow pet!
I’ve had my since like 2009 and 10 years later the fur is all matted but I still love it! It is still soft and reminds me of my grandma
It is very comfy and cute
I have had this for about 7 years and I still love to cuddle with her
I've had this Unicorn pillow per since I was maybe 6 or 5! I remember sitting in my Grandma's living room and the commercial comes on and I saw the unicorn and I turn to my Grandma and said "I want the unicorn!" Then the next day I went back she got me and my sister Pillow Pets! My sister got the red lady bug! And I got the Unicorn!. I had this one since 2009 before my Grandma passed away in 2011 and I'm 13 years old! So I just want to say this really helped me everytime I have a panic attack or anxiety attack I would hold my unicorn pillow pet in my arms and it would calm me down!
So thank you! My pillow pet was my dream! And I still have it to this day! Thank you Pillow pets!❤
Is fluffy just like a unicorn should be!!!
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