About the Creator

About The Creator

Jennifer Telfer, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Pillow Pets®, is doing what most kids dream about doing when they grow up! She’s a successful, mompreneur who has done it all! Jennifer invented a fun and functional, highly-popular product that continues to grow, raised two amazing children and has been happily married for 20 years. It’s her creativity and a quality product that keep boys and girls, even adults coming back for more.

In 2003 Jennifer and her husband Clint started the Pillow Pets company with $800 from their savings, and today Pillow Pets are a household name. It all started when Jennifer watched her sons smash their stuffed animals down in order to sleep on them like a pillow. Like many children, they wanted the security and coziness of their stuffed animal along with something to rest their head on. And voila – Pillow Pets was born.

Since then Jennifer has designed and created thousands of versions of Pillow Pets selling over 70 million products worldwide. From Pillow Pets to Sleeptime Lites, to Jumboz and Minis, Jennifer Telfer creates something for everyone.

Jennifer is honored to own a company whose products touch people’s lives in positive ways. She calls Pillow Pets her greatest professional accomplishment and says she owes her success to positive thinking, a good work ethic, and surrounding herself with people who share her passion. Jennifer sets the bar high for her company -- if she wouldn’t give a product to her family, she certainly wouldn’t give it to yours.