Sweet Scented Mystery Cow Pillow Pet

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Introducing our Sweet Scented Mystery Cow Pillow Pet! What will this adorable cow smell and look like? Will it be milkshake flavored like Strawberry and Chocolate Cow? Or will it be fruity scented like Blueberry? What color will this cow be?

Get EXCITED to add this new cow to your cute and cuddly COW COLLECTION!

Fluffy and fabulously soft, this adorable Pillow Pet is perfect for playtime, and a comforting cuddle buddy at bedtime. Surprise your little one with a Sweet Scented Cow Pillow Pet that they will love endlessly as a child, snuggle with as a teen, and end up taking to college. Pillow Pets bring joy, security, comfort and smiles to all ages. Super soft, parent approved, fun and functional, high quality plush designs that last through childhood and beyond.

    • COMFORTING COMPANIONS: Pillow Pets presents super soft, cute, & adorable stuffed animals that unfold into fuzzy pillows for sleep. Kids, teens, & adults love these classic & collectible comfy critters.
    • COMFORT: This plush is a pal during the day, and then unfastens to become a pillow at night! It’s a comfortable travel friend for any child on road trips & airplanes, and can also can be used as boy & girl bedroom decoration.
    • BEST BUDDY: Children of all ages will love this original toy for play & as a large pillow for reading, watching television, studying, and sleepy nap time. Youth love to read with this cozy creature.