Ollie Owl Pillow Pet

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Pillow Pets introduces their newest feathered friend Ollie Owl! Snowy white with just the hint of gray feathers, this adorable little owl is just owlsome! Bring this sweet little bird home as a soft, cozy plush pillow that everyone can snuggle up with and enjoy - because WHOOO doesn't love a cute owl?

WHAT A HOOT! This cute and cuddly little Owl Pillow Pet can be a snuggly friend for all sorts of adventures, and cuddly critter when it's time to chill-out.

COMFORTING COMPANION: Pillow Pets presents super soft, cute, & adorable stuffed animals that unfold into fuzzy pillows for sleep. Kids, teens, & adults love these classic & collectible comfy critters.

COMFORT: This plush is a pal during the day, then unfastens to become a pillow at night! Comfortable travel friend for any child on road trips & airplanes. Perfect also as a bedroom decoration.

BEST BUDDY: Children of all ages will love this original toy for play & as a large pillow for reading, watching television, studying, and sleepy nap time. Kids love to read with this sweet plushie. Decorating a baby nursery? This adorable sweet little owl is the perfect addition.

SPECS: Official Pillow Pets item. BPA & Phthalates free. Unfastens to a 18-in pillow. To wash, put in a white pillow case & tie open end. Use cold water, gentle cycle. Ages 0+.