Snuggly Puppy Pillow Pet

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Get tons of warm snuggly happiness and cuddle up every day and night with the Pillow Pets Snuggly Puppy! The plushest, friendliest, and softest stuffed animal you will find. Kids of all ages will enjoy the fun of everyday use as a toy for imaginative play and a large stuffed toy for reading, watching television, or studying with friends. Ideal rest time and fun time -not to mention a comforting partner on road trips or airplane rides. Starts out as a friend, then un-fasten its belly and quickly lays flat!

  • CARE AND MAINTENANCE: Wash on gentle cycle and cold water placing your Pillow Pet inside a white pillow case and tying off the open ends to prevent damage during washing and maintain plush. Do not put in the dryer.
  • SPECIFICS: Official Pillow Pets product. Made of high-quality chenille. Opens to an 18-inch flat stuffed toy. All sizes are approximate.

All Pillow Pets® products are recommended for all ages

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I had this pillow pet when I was a little kid, I slept with It every night for like 6 years. I am now 15 years old and I lost it when I moved recently. I am going to buy another one, and sleep with It every night
This is a great stuff animal.My grandson has had it for 5 yrs.Washes great!!!
Had this for TEN YEARS, still works like a charm
As a child-at-heart, I have a special place in my heart for this snuggly puppy. I received one of these as a gift while I was in my freshman year of college, which was either seven or eight years ago depending on whether it was the first or second half of the year, and I kid you not, I have been sleeping with Boney (the name I gave to mine, named after the protagonist's dog in the Japan-exclusive role-playing video game Mother 3) every night since then. I love him very much and I'm happy to see that his kin have become what seems to be the most popular design, what with the multitude of spinoff merch that is mostly based on the snuggly puppy model. A wholesome bedtime friend, both for kids and for adults who haven't eaten their inner child like my father has. :P
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